Staff Directory

Acree, RoyFire Chief / Emergency Management DirectorFire Department(678) 631-5364
Bates, TommyEMS DirectorFire Department(678) 631-5461
Davey, DustinDivision Chief of Training / Fire Department Public Information OfficerFire Department(678) 631-5464
Durden, KennethField Training OfficerFire Department(678) 631-5463
Farmer, EricC Shift Battalion ChiefFire Department(770) 434-6667
Fire Dept. Fire Prevention Bureau of Fire Prevention Inspection Request LineFire Department(770) 431-3555
Fire Dept. Main NumberMain NumberFire Department(770) 434-6667
Fire Dept. On-Duty Batt. ChiefOn-Duty Battalion ChiefFire Department(770) 319-5366
Grubaugh, TimEngineer - Deputy Fire MarshalFire Department(678) 631-5480
Jinks, RyanSupport Services CoordinatorFire Department(678) 631-5370
Johnson, Brad Division Chief of PreventionFire Department(770) 319-5373
Manna, ChristyDepartment Administrative AssistantFire Department(678) 631-5460
Marcos, BrianDeputy Fire ChiefFire Department(678) 631-5465
Mohrmann, EricA Shift Battalion ChiefFire Department(404) 694-2996
Owens, JasmineOffice AssistantFire Department(678) 631-5512
Westbrook, StephenB Shift Battalion ChiefFire Department(770) 434-6667