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Smyrna's Strategic Vision Plan Work Groups

Interested in getting involved with the Smyrna Strategic Vision process? We currently have five committees that are diligently working to implement the initiatives set forth in the plan.

The following is a list of the work groups and the overarching goals they have been charged with:

Involvement and Leadership

  • 1.1 Smyrna will be a welcoming place where all residents are invited to engage in the community

  • 1.2 Community leadership will reflect the diversity and demographics of the City

  • 1.3 Residents and visitors alike will continue to enjoy a wide range of signature community events

Quality of Place

  • 2.2 Residents will enjoy a wide range of transportation options and modes of activities

  • 2.3 Smyrna will elevate opportunities for recreation and experiencing the arts

Image and Identity

  • 3.2 Smyrna will actively tell its story to stakeholders

  • 3.3 Smyrna’s aesthetics will be distinctive, high quality, and recognizable

  • 3.4 Smyrna’s entrepreneurial and technology assets will be a part of its reputation

  • 3.5 Smyrna will be known as a city that celebrates diversity

Smyrna’s Schools

  • 1.4 Parents and businesses will be active partners with local schools

  • 2.1 Smyrna’s public schools will be high-performing and sought out by parents

  • 3.1 Smyrna will be known for its high quality schools

Community and Economic Development

  • 1.5 Smyrna will be an active participant in countywide economic development and planning efforts

  • 2.3 Core city services and development will enhance the quality of life in Smyrna

  • 2.4 Housing diversity in Smyrna will enhance community attachment and cater to a diverse population

  • 2.6 Retail options will align with residential preferences and more expenditures will stay in Smyrna

Please contact our community liaison for more information or to get plugged in with one of the committees.

Kelsey Scott

City of Smyrna | Community Liaison